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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Resources Requested Tab

MPP Resources

NERSC's computational resources share a common "MPP" (which stands for Massively Parallel Processing) allocation.  See Usage Charging.

Under Alloc Type select one of:

  • ALCC Awards: only if you have received an ALCC award from DOE. 
  • Director Reserve Allocations: only if your project has been approved by the NERSC director.
  • DOE Production:  for  production-ready projects, including SciDAC projects, awarded by DOE
  • Startup:  for PIs who wish to investigate using small amounts of NERSC resources for new projects
  • ALCC Awards: only if you have a DOE ALCC award
  • Education: only if the project is for classroom teaching
  • Sponsored Allocations: only if you have a dedicated or sponsored project (the name was changed from dedicated to sponsored for 2014).

Genepool Shares

Joint Genome Institute (JGI) Genepool projects must be pre-approved by the JGI.  Genepool users will see a list of their current shares (GPSHARES). Click the GPSHARE names you need in 2015; after a save they will be renewed for 2015.

Please do not request a Genepool "GPSHARE" unless you are a Genepool user.

Project Directories

Disk space for project directories will not be formally allocated in 2015, but we are preparing for possible NGF space allocations in the future.  For 2015 we are collecting information on desired space amounts, and comparing this to the space we have available.  NGF project directories are renewed for 2015 by entering the GiBs Requested 2015 amounts; after a Save they will be renewed.

HPSS Resources

All NERSC projects have accounts on the mass storage system, HPSS. The storage accounting units are SRUs (Storage Resource Units). A SRU Calculator is available to compute your 2015 HPSS Storage Resource Units. See HPSS Charging.