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ERSUG Meeting: April 26-27, 1999

APS Conference Center, Building 402, Room E1100

Argonne National Laboratory


The next ERSUG face-to-face business meeting will be held at Argonne National Laboratory on Monday April 26, 1999 and Tuesday, April 27 AM. It will be followed by Users Helping Users and NERSC T3E training classes on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, April 28.


Monday April 26, 1999

08:00 Continental Breakfast

08:25 Welcome Bas Braams

08:30 DOE's Scientific Simulation Initiative Tom Kitchens/Bill McCurdy

09:15 New Allocations Procedures for FY 2000 Horst Simon

10:00 Break

10:30 NERSC-3 Update Bill Kramer

12:30 Lunch Provided

13:30 NERSC-2 Update T3E, J90, SV1 Jim Craw

14:30 ACTS Toolkit Plans for NERSC Bill Saphir

15:00 Implications of Upcoming Security Guidance Bill Kramer

15:30 Break

16:00 Meeting of PAC members Horst Simon (Attendees who are not PAC members are free)

17:00 End of today's meeting

Tuesday April 27, 1999

08:00 Continental Breakfast

08:30 New ERSUG Charter Discussion Status Bas Braams/Horst Simon

09:30 Storage Requirement Discussion Keith Fitzgerald

10:30 Break

10:45 ExERSUG Meeting Bas Braams

12:00 End of ERSUG Meeting and Lunch Training Classes

NERSC is offering training classes in conjunction with this meeting. The lectures will be held on the afternoon of April 27 and all day April 28, with presentations by NERSC staff and volunteer UHU speakers. For more information on these classes, see the April 99 ERSUG Class page. Please contact T. M. DeBoni or [email protected] for discussions or suggestions, and watch these pages for further developments. For examples of past offerings, see the syllabuses for the Jan. 1999 Oak Ridge T3E class and the April 1998 ERSUG/UHU meeting and class.