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ERSUG Meeting: June 13 - 14, 1995 (Livermore, CA)

Dates ERSUG Meeting: June 13 & 14, 1995

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Livermore, CA


Summary of ERSUG Meeting June 13 - 14, 1995, Livermore, California The Energy Research Supercomputer Users Group (ERSUG) June 1995 meeting was hosted by the National Energy Research Supercomputer Center (NERSC) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Some of the talks are summarized below. Welcome The meeting opened with remarks from Tom Kitchens and Bill McCurdy. Tom Kitchens began by saying that the Office of Scientific Computing (for whom he works) has become the… Read More »


ERSUG Meeting June 13 & 14, 1995 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Energy Research Supercomputer Center (NERSC) Bldg. 451, Room 1025 (White Room)   Portions of the ERSUG meeting will be broadcast on the MBONE. Tuesday, June 13, 1995 8:30     Welcoming Remarks - Brian Hingerty 8:45     Greetings from Tom Kitchens 8:50     Welcome from NERSC - Bill McCurdy       Review of the Agenda      ****STRATEGIC PLANNING ISSUES**** 9:10     Strategic Planning at… Read More »


Why the June 1995 ERSUG Meeting is Important Bill McCurdy describes below a competitive process through which adecision will be made by MICS Division (formerly the OSC) in the June, 1995timeframe to:  (1) possibly move NERSC to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and  (2) redefine to some extent the mission of the Center.All of this would be effected within a significantly reduced cost envelope.The LLNL proposal to keep NERSC where it is and the LBL proposal may soonbe available for review… Read More »