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Carver IBM iDataPlex

NOTE:  Carver was decommissioned on September 30, 2015. Users can run their Carver workloads on Edison.  Please see Retirement Plans for more information.

Carver Status: Up

Carver, named in honor of American scientist George Washington Carver, is an IBM iDataPlex system. Each node contains two Intel Nehalem quad-core processors. The system's theoretical peak performance is 106.5 Teraflops/sec.

Mapping the March to Methodical Materials

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Are Earths Rare? Perhaps Not

January 13, 2014 | Tags: Astrophysics, Carver

One out of every five sun-like stars in our Milky Way galaxy has an Earth-sized planet orbiting it in the Goldilocks zone—not too hot, not too cold—where surface temperatures should be compatible with liquid water, according to a statistical analysis of data from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft. Read More »