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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Biological and Environmental Research

A Joint BER / BER / NERSC Workshop

May 7-8, 2009

R. Todd Anderson DOE / BER BER Program Manager [email protected]
Ioan Andricioaei UC Irvine Biological Science  
David Beck Univ. of Washington Biological Science  
Anjuli Bamzai DOE / BER BER Program Manager [email protected]
Lawrence Buja NCAR Climate Science  
Dylan Chivian LBNL BioFuels Science  
John Dennis NCAR Climate Sience  
John Drake ORNL Climate Science  
Richard Gerber NERSC Workshop Facilitator  
Susan Gregurick DOE / BER BER Program Manager [email protected]
Teresa Head-Gordon LBNL Biological Science  
Christopher Kerr GFDL Climate Science  
Costas Maranas Pennsylvania State U. Biological Science  
Victor Markowitz LBNL JGI  
Lee Ann McCue PNNL Biological Science  
Bruce Palmer PNNL Environmental Science  
Edward Patton NCAR Climate / Environmental Science  
David Randall Colorado State U. Climate Science  
Timothy Scheibe PNNL Environmental Science  
Yukiko Sekine DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager [email protected]
John Shalf NERSC Computer System Architecture  
Jeremy Smith ORNL Biological Science  
David Thomassen BER Chief Scientist    
Harvey Wasserman NERSC Workshop Facilitator  
Michael Wehner LBNL Climate Science  
Christopher L. Wolfe Scripps Climate Science  
Kathy Yelick NERSC NERSC Director