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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Advanced Scientific Computing Research

An ASCR / NERSC Workshop

January 5-6, 2011

On-Site Participants

Name Organization Area
Karen Pao ASCR ASCR Applied Mathematics Program Manager
Yukiko Sekine ASCR NERSC Program Manager
Alok Choudhary Northwestern University Parallel I/O
Erich Strohmaier LBNL Computer Science & Performance Evaluation
Esmond Ng LBNL Math Software
Arie Shoshani LBNL Data and Analytics
Wes Bethel LBNL Data and Analytics
Kwan-Liu Ma UC Davis Data and Analytics
Nagiza Samatova NC State University Data and Analytics
Rob Ross ANL Data and Analytics
Charles Tong LLNL Applications - Uncertainty Quantification
Johan Larsson Stanford University Applications
Sanjiva Lele Stanford University Applications
John Bell LBNL Applications
Richard Gerber NERSC NERSC User Services
John Shalf NERSC NERSC Advanced Technologies Group Lead
Harvey Wasserman NERSC NERSC User Services
Kathy Yelick NERSC NERSC Director

Remote Participants

Name Organization Area
Dan Hitchcock ASCR Facilities Division Director
Barb Helland ASCR Senior Advisor
Rich Carlson ASCR Collaboratories/Middleware
Sandy Landsberg ASCR Applied Mathematics
Randall Laviolette ASCR SciDAC Application Partnerships Program Manager
Mary Ann Leung Krell Institute Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Manager
Osni Marques LBNL Math Software
Lucy Nowell ASCR Data & Visualization
Sonia Sachs ASCR HPC Science and Applications