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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Nuclear Physics (NP): Target 2017

April 29-30, 2014
Bethesda, MD 

Final Agenda

Tuesday, April 29

Time Topic Speaker
  8:00 AM Informal discussions  
  8:30 AM Welcome, Overview of Requirements Reviews Richard Gerber, NERSC
  8:45 AM The View from ASCR Barbara Helland, Dave Goodwin, ASCR
  9:00 AM NP Program Office Research Directions Ted Barnes, NP
  9:30 AM NERSC Ten-Year Plan Sudip Dosanjh, NERSC Director
10:00 AM AM Break  
  Lattice QCD Case Studies  
 10:15 AM Lattice QCD for Cold Nuclear Physics Martin Savage, University of Washington
 10:45 AM Hadron Spectroscopy with Lattice QCD  Robert Edwards, JLab
 11:15 AM Nucleon Structure on a Lattice  Sergey Syritsyn, BNL
 11:45 PM QCD Thermodynamics at High Temperature Peter Petreczky, BNL
 12:15 PM Group Photo  
  12:45 PM Working Lunch Presentation.  "Transitioning to NERSC-8 and Beyond: The NERSC Application Readiness Effort" Harvey Wasserman, NERSC
  Nuclear Structure Case Studies  
   1:15 PM Microscopic Nuclear Structure Theory James Vary, Iowa State
   1:45 PM    ab initio Calculations of Nuclear Reactions and Exotic Nuclei Sofia Quaglioni, LLNL
  Nuclear Science Data Requirements  
    2:15 PM ASCR Data Activities Richard Carlson, ASCR
    2:45 PM Computing and Storage Requirements and Plans for Experimental Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Lab Graham Heyes, JLAB
    3:15 PM PM Break  
    3:30 PM RHIC/LHC Heavy Ion Program Requirements Jeff Porter, LBNL
    4:00 PM PDSF @ NERSC Update Lisa Gerhardt, NERSC
    4:15 PM NERSC's Data Services Plan Katie Antypas, NERSC
    4:30 PM Cross-cutting issues for Nuclear Science Data All
    5:00 PM Adjourn  


Wednesday, April 30

Time Topic Speaker
    8:00 AM Informal discussions  
  Nuclear Astrophysics Case Studies  
    8:30 AM Convection in X-ray Bursts Michael Zingale, SUNYSB
    9:00 AM Core Collapse Supernovae Raph Hix, ORNL
    9:30 AM AM Break  
    9:45 AM High-level findings discussion Richard and Harvey
 10:45 AM Report schedule and contents All
 11:00 AM Case Study Report Refinement and Discussions All
 12:00 PM Working Lunch: Case Study Breakout Sessions All
    1:00 PM Adjourn