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Large Scale Production Computing and Storage Requirements for High Energy Physics Research

A DOE Technical Program Review

November 27-28, 2012


Location: Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Executive Meeting Center. 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, 20852

Tuesday, November 27

Time Topic Presenter Science Area
  8:00 Arrive, informal discussions    
  8:30 Welcome & Introductions Dave Goodwin  NERSC Program Manager
8:45  Welcome & Meeting Goals Barbara Helland  Acting ASCR Associate Director
 9:00 HEP Program Office Research Directions James Siegrist  HEP Associate Director
  9:30 NERSC Role in HEP Research & Emerging Technologies Sudip Dosanjh  NERSC Director
10:00 Break    
10:15 Meeting outline and expectations Harvey Wasserman NERSC, Meeting Coordinator
10:30 Case Study: Lattice Gauge Theory Calculations Doug Toussaint, Steven Gottlieb, Richard Brower Energy and Intensity Frontiers: Theory
11:10 Case Study: Theoretical Particle Physics Simulations for LHC Processes Michele Papucci & Stefan Hoeche Energy and Intensity Frontier: Theory


Case Study: Cosmological Simulations for Sky Surveys Salman Habib Cosmic Frontier: Theory
12:30 Working Lunch    
1:00 Case Study: Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey and/or Distance Supernova Search Peter Nugent Cosmic Frontier: Experiment
1:30 Case Study: Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis Julian Borrill Cosmic Frontier: Experiment
2:30 Case Study: The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)

Andrew Connolly

Cosmic Frontier, Experiment
3:00 Case Study:  The Dark Energy Survey (DES) Scott Dodelson Cosmic Frontier, Experiment
3:20 Break    
3:30 Case Study: Detector Simulations using GEANT 4  Rob Roser and Tom LeCompte Energy and Intensity Frontiers: Experiment
3:50 Case Study: Energy Frontier Data Analysis Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy, Torre Wenaus Energy Frontier: Experiment
4:10  Case Study: Intensity Frontier Data Analysis (Daya Bay) Craig Tull Intensity Frontier: Experiment 
4:30 Case Study: Community Petascale Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation

Panagiotis Spentzouris

Accelerator Science and Modeling 
5:00 Case Study: Plasma Accelerator Simulation Using Laser and Particle Beam Drivers Cameron Geddes, Frank Tsung  Accelerator Science and Modeling
5:30 Case Study: Advanced Modeling for Particle Accelerators Kwok Ko Accelerator Science and Modeling
5:40 Discussion: Large Astrophysical Data Sets  Salman Habib, Moderator  
  6:00  Adjourn for the day    


Wednesday, November 28


Time Topic Presenter
  8:00 Arrive, informal discussions  
  8:30 Review of Tuesday Harvey Wasserman, Richard Gerber
  9:15 Preparation of Data Tables All
10:00 Break  
10:15 Priority findings discussion All
   1:00 Adjourn