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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for 
High Energy Physics Research

A DOE Technical Program Review

November 27-28, 2012


Review Organizers

Lali Chatterjee DOE / HEP Program Manager Computational High Energy Physics
David Goodwin DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager
Sudip Dosanjh NERSC NERSC Director
Richard Gerber NERSC Review Organizer
Harvey Wasserman NERSC Review Organizer


Julian Borrill Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley Cosmic Background Radiation data analysis
Richard Brower Boston University Lattice methods for QCD and statistical mechanics, quantum field theory of strings and particles
Andrew Connolly University of Washington Data management and analysis for LSST
Scott Dodelson Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Dark Energy Survey Data Analysis
Cameron Geddes Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Laser-driven plasma wakefield accelerators
Steven Gottlieb Indiana University Lattice QCD
Salman Habib Argonne National Laboratory Cosmic Structure Probes of the Dark Universe
Barbara Helland DOE ASCR Acting Associate Director for ASCR
Stefan Hoeche SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Particle physics phenomenology, in particular perturbative QCD and the construction of Monte Carlo event generators
Thomas LeCompte Argonne National Laboratory Physics Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment
Kwok Ko SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Advanced Modeling for Particle Accelerators
Peter Nugent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Discovery and observation of supernovae, computational cosmology
Michele Papucci Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Supersymmety Studies at the LHC
Rob Roser Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory CDF Spokesperson, senior scientist and head of Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab
Elizabeth S Sexton-Kennedy Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory CMS experiment at the LHC, HEP data access and preservation
James Siegrist DOE HEP Associate Director for High Energy Physics
Panagiotis Spentzouris Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Fermilab Accelerator and Detector Simulation and Support, PI of the SciDAC2 ComPASS project.
Doug Toussaint University of Arizona Lattice QCD
Frank Tsung UCLA Particle-driven plasma wakefield accelerators
Craig Tull Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Scientific software frameworks, manager of software and computing for Daya Bay
Torre Wenaus Brookhaven National Laboratory Physics Support and Computing Manager, U.S. ATLAS Operations Program

Contributors & Observers

Lothar Bauerdick Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory CMS Center Director
Kenneth Bloom University of Nebraska-Lincoln US CMS Tier-2 program leader
Jean Cottam NSF Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E)
Peter Elmer Princeton University  
Saul Gonzalez NSF Experimental Elementary Particle Physics
Randall Laviolette DOE ASCR Program Manager SciDAC Application Partnerships
Steven Lee DOE ASCR Program Manager
Lucy Nowell DOE ASCR Program Manager
Larry Price DOE HEP Program Manager Computational High Energy Physics
Nigel Sharp NSF Program Director for the LSST
Ceren Susut-Bennett DOE ASCR SC Program SAPs
Kathleen Turner DOE HEP Program Manager High Energy Physics
Stan Woosley UC - Santa Cruz Supernovae Modeling
Don Sinclair Argonne National Laboratory QCD
Mark Zisman DOE HEP General Accelerator R&D