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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Basic Energy Sciences

A DOE Technical Program Review

October 8-9, 2013

 Front row, from left: Yun Liu, Dave Goodwin,  Eliane Lessner,  Jack Deslippe,  Nick Woodward,  
Carl Steefel, Ceren Susut, Katie Antypas,  Richard Gerber.   Back row, from left:  Scott French, 
Jeff Neaton, Sudip Dosanjh, Harvey Wasserman, Jim Davenport, David Skinner, Andy Felmy, 
Jacqueline Chen, Sotiris Xantheas, Greg Newman,  Mark Pederson.

Organizers and DOE Observers

Name Organization Role
Katie Antypas NERSC Services Department Head
David Goodwin DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager
James W. Davenport DOE / BES Program Manager
Randall LaViolette DOE / ASCR Physical Scientist
Eliane Lessner DOE / BES Program Manager
George Maracas DOE / BES Program Manager, Nanocenters
Van T. Nguyen DOE / BES Program Manager
Mark R. Pederson DOE / BES Program Manager
Ceren Susut DOE / ASCR Physical Scientist
Nicholas Woodward DOE / BES Program Manager
Sudip Dosanjh NERSC  NERSC Director
Richard A. Gerber NERSC  Review Organizer
Harvey J. Wasserman NERSC Review Organizer 

Domain Scientists

Name Affiliation Area
Michael Banda  LBNL Advanced Light Source
Jacqueline Chen  SNL Combustion 
Jack Deslippe  NERSC Material science application support
Sanket Deshmukh  ANL Molecular dynamics in chemistry
Andrew R. Felmy  PNNL Geochemistry
Scott French  U.C. Berkeley Geophysics
Andreas Heyden  University of South Carolina Rational catalyst design
Paul Kent  ORNL Materials science
Yun Liu  MIT Materials science
Thomas Miller  Caltech Chemical science
Jeffrey Neaton  LBNL Materials science
Gregory Newman  LBNL Geophysics 
Robert Ryne LBNL Accelerator Physics
David Skinner  NERSC High throughput materials science
Carl Steefel  LBNL Porous media transport
Sotiris Xantheas  PNNL Chemical physics