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For Attendees

The goal of the meeting is to characterize computing, storage, and other requirements for carrying out BES-sponsored computational work at NERSC in 2017.

We do this via case studies.   Below you can find the template for the case study.

Case Studies

The meeting and the report from it will be based on case studies that represent samples of BES research. Case studies consist of narrative describing scientific goals, methods of solution, and the quantitative estimates of requirements. The initial case study topics will be chosen by the DOE Program Office Managers and NERSC personnel to provide broad coverage in both established and incipient BES research areas.  

Case Study Template

Please download the case study template (MS Word doc) and return it by email to the NERSC organizers no later than September 21, 2013.

You can use this Powerpoint template for your presentation.

Case Studies from Previous Requirements Reviews

You can view the final report from the BES requirements review held in 2009.

Reports from NERSC requirements reviews with other offices are here.

Other Materials

  • Background material, including two graphs showing BES computing and archival storage over the years at NERSC.
  • A white paper on Light Source Data Analysis & Simulation.