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Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements for Advanced Scientific Computing Research: Target 2017
January 15, 2014
Berkeley, CA 

Organizers and Observers

Name Organization Role
Barbara Helland DOE / ASCR  Director, ASCR Facilities Division
Karen Pao DOE / ASCR Program Manager
David Goodwin DOE / ASCR NERSC Program Manager
Kathy Yelick Berkeley Lab (LBNL) LBNL Associate Director for Computing Sciences
Jonathan Carter LBNL Computing Sciences Area Deputy and Computational Research Division Deputy Director.
Sudip Dosanjh NERSC  NERSC Director
Greg Bell LBNL Scientific Networking Division (ESnet) Lead
Paul Messina Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) ALCF Director of Science
Bert de Jong LBNL Scientific Computing Group Lead 
Katie Antypas NERSC Services Department Head
Richard A. Gerber NERSC  Review Organizer, NERSC Senior Science Advisor
Harvey J. Wasserman NERSC Review Organizer 
Scott Parker ALCF Application Performance Engineer
Tjerk Straatsma Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) Group Leader for Scientific Computing
Judy Hill OLCF  Computational Scientist
Eli Dart ESnet Network Engineer

Domain Scientists

Name Affiliation Area
Mark Adams LBNL Applied Numerical Algorithms Group
Michael Banda LBNL Advanced Light Source Deputy Director for Operations
John Bell LBNL Group Leader, Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering
Jed Brown ANL PETSc, scalable solvers for implicit multiphysics
Suren Byna LBNL Scientific data management
Phillip Colella LBNL Applied Numerical Algorithms Group Lead
James Demmel UC Berkeley Numerical linear algebra libraries; communication avoiding algorithms
Jack Deslippe NERSC Material science application support
Quincey Koziol HDF Group Principal software architect for the HDF5 software project
Michael Heroux SNL algorithm development; parallel implementation of solver components
Sherry Li LBNL Sparse matrix computations; parallel algorithm design and optimization; numerical linear algebra
Dan Martin LBNL Applied Numerical Algorithms Group
Prabhat LBNL scientific data management, parallel I/O, and scientific visualization
Abhinav Sarje LBNL parallel algorithms and applications on emerging parallel architectures; performance optimization
David Trebotich LBNL applied numerical algorithms; porous media transport
Chao Yang LBNL computational mathematics