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Large Scale Production Computing and Storage Requirements for Advanced Computer Science Research

A DOE Technical Program Review

January 15, 2014
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Building 15-253 Conference Room

Final Agenda

Time Topic Speaker
  8:00 AM Informal discussions  
  8:30 AM Welcome, Overview of Requirements Reviews Dave Goodwin, ASCR (NERSC Program Manager); Richard Gerber (NERSC)
  8:45 AM The View from ASCR Barbara Helland, ASCR
  9:00 AM ASCR Program Office Research Directions Karen Pao, ASCR
  9:15 AM  NERSC Ten-Year Plan Sudip Dosanjh, NERSC Director
  9:45 AM AM Break  
  Applied Math Case Studies  
 10:00 AM Simulation and Analysis of Reacting Flow John Bell, LBNL
 10:30 AM Defining Requirements, Meeting Requirements Phillip Colella, LBNL
 11:00 AM Simulation of Pore Scale Reactive Transport Processes Associated with Carbon Sequestration David Trebotich, LBNL
 11:30 AM Numerical Algorithms for Electronic and Nuclear Structure Analysis Chao Yang, LBNL
 12:00 PM Group Photo All
 12:30 PM Working Lunch Presentation.  "Transitioning to NERSC-8 and Beyond: The NERSC Application Readiness Effort" Jack Deslippe, NERSC
  1:00 PM AMR for Ice Sheet Modeling Dan Martin, LBNL
  1:20 PM PETSc and Composable Hierarchically Nested Solvers Jed Brown, ANL
  1:40 PM Linear Algebra Algorithms on High Performance Computers James Demmel, UC Berkeley
  2:00 PM Trilinos Libraries for Scalable, Resilient Manycore Computations Michael Heroux, Sandia National Labs
  2:20 PM SuperLU and TOORSES  Sherry Li, LBNL
  2:40 PM PM Break  
   Computer Sciences Case Studies  
  3:00 PM Parallel I/O and Visualization

Prabhat, LBNL
Quincey Koziol, HDF Group 

  3:23 PM Requirements for Scalable Scientific Data Management Suren Byna, LBNL
  3:45 PM Performance and Optimization of Scientific Applications Abhinav Sarje, LBNL
  4:05 PM Cross-Cutting Issues: Status of Efforts to Transition Software to Manycore Systems and What is Required from NERSC and ASCR Karen Pao and All Participants
  4:45 PM Discussion of next steps All Participants
  5:00 PM Adjourn