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High-Impact Science at Scale Program

NERSC's High-Impact Science at Scale program provides competitively selected projects an allocation of time to use NERSC's unique capabilities to deliver high-impact science. Selected projects use NERSC resources at scale to investigate key science problems that they would not otherwise be able to address. Teams were selected following Calls for Proposals, in which responses were reviewed for the ability to scale well on Cori KNL nodes, potential  to deliver a significant science result, a reasonable ratio of feasibility to risk, and the appropriateness of approach and resources requested. 

2022 Projects

The High-Impact Science program for 2022 is devoted to [email protected].

2021 Projects

The High-Impact Science program for 2021 continued support for COVID-19 related research and exascale application development related to the Exascale Computing Project.

2020 Projects

The High-Impact Science program for 2020 was dedicated to COVID-19 related research.

2019 Projects

Principal InvestigatorOrganizationProject Title
 David Trebotich  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Multiphase Flow in Shale
 Jun Li  UC San Diego  Hot electron scaling and energy coupling in nonlinear laser plasma interactions
 Yu Feng  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Simulating the DESI, LSST and CMB-S4 Universe
 Myongkyu Lee  Sandia National Laboratory   DSMC for nonequilibrium thermal and chemical reaction
 Jacqueline Chen  Sandia National Laboratory  Direct Numerical Simulation of Multi-Injection Mixing and Combustion at Compression Ignition Engine Conditions
 Lorenzo Sironi  Columbia University  The seeds of a magnetic Universe
 Ben Kirtman  University of Miami  E3SM decadal prediction experiment
 Vikram Gavini  University of Michigan  Electronic structure studies on energetics of pyramidal dislocations in Mg
 Martin White  UC Berkeley  Simulating the DESI, LSST and the CMB-S4 Universe
Ivan Oleynik University of South Florida  Predictive Simulations of Dynamic Compression of Carbon Materials
Mohammad-Reza Alam UC Berkeley  Wave Carpet Shape Optimization using Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network
David Schlegel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Producing the Final Data Release of the DESI imaging Legacy Survey

2018 Projects

Principal InvestigatorOrganizationProject Title
Edward Baron  U. Oklahoma  Scaling and I/O in the Largest 3D Radiative Transfer Calculation of the Solar Photosphere and Chromosphere
Gil Compo U. Colorado / CIRES Ocean Atmosphere Reanalyses for Climate Applications (OARCA) 1815-2017
Yu Feng  Berkeley Lab  Simulating the DESI, LSST and CMB-S4 Universe
Fan Guo  Los Alamos Lab  3D Kinetic Simulations of Nonthermal Particle Acceleration in Flaring Magnetic Reconnection
Yanfei Jiang  UC Santa Barbara  Global 3D Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulations of Mass Loss from Wolf-Rayet Stars
Valentin Karasev  U. Rochester  Density functional theory calculations of the transport properties in the high energy density regime
Lai-Yung Ruby Leung  Pacific NW National Lab  Ultra-high resolution atmospheric simulations of water cycle processes and extremes
Jun Li  UC San Diego  Hot electron scaling and energy coupling in nonlinear laser plasma interactions
Noa Marom  Carnegie Mellon  Computational discovery of singlet fission materials
Noa Marom  Carnegie Mellon  Data driven discovery of singlet fission materials
Alan Stanier  Los Alamos Lab  Probing the physics of magnetic reconnection: from fusion energy to space plasmas
Ben Timmermans Berkeley Lab Multi-resolution surrogate modeling for simulated climate extremes and event attribution studies
David Trebotich Berkeley Lab Chombo-crunch: extreme scale simulation of flow and transport in heterogeneous media
Xiao Wang Harvard Medical School Consensus Equilibrium Method for Extreme-Scale CT Image Reconstruction

2017 Projects

The following projects were awarded time through the program, which allocated a total of about 450 million NERSC Hours.

Principal InvestigatorOrganizationProject TitleMaximum Job ScaleNERSC Hours Used in 2017
 Christine Goulet  USC Earthquake Center  M8 Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault (deferred to 2018) (deferred to 2018)
 Katrin Heitmann  Argonne National Laboratory  Knowhere (Cosmology) 6,144 nodes
(418 K cores)
57 million
 Frithjof Karsch  Brookhaven National Laboratory  Net strangeness and net electric charge fluctuations in strong-interacting matter  2,947 nodes
(200 K cores)
 42 million
 Steven Louie  UC Berkeley  Ab initio quasiparticle and optical properties of materials at scale

 6,656 nodes
(453 K cores)

 57 million
 Zarija Lukic  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Physical model of the intergalactic medium  1,024 nodes
(70 K cores)
 51 million
 Adam Stanier  Los Alamos National Laboratory  Probing the physics of magnetic reconnection – from fusion energy to space plasmas  2,048 nodes
(139 K cores)
 64 million
 David Trebotich  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Chombo-Crunch: Extreme scale simulation of flow and transport in heterogeneous media  8,400 nodes
(571 K cores)
 143 million
 Jean-Luc Vay  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  High-resolution 3D studies of asymmetric effects in the BELLA plasma accelerator experiments  1,274 nodes
(87 K cores)
 28 million