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2003 User Survey Results

User Services


SatisfactionAverage Score
Very Satisfied 6.5 - 7
Mostly Satisfied 5.5 - 6.4
Significance of Change
significant increase
not significant

Satisfaction with User Services

QuestionNo. of ResponsesAverageStd. Dev.Change from 2002Change from 2001
Timely response 207 6.55 0.73 0.04 -0.01
Technical advice 200 6.54 0.69 0.08 0.08
Follow-up to initial questions 186 6.49 0.75 0.10 0.12
Time to solve problems 196 6.36 0.84 -0.04 NA
Response to special requests 126 6.35 1.06 -0.05 0.12
RightNowWeb interface 109 6.02 1.07 0.08 NA


Comments about Consulting and Account Support:   25 responses

19   Good service
4   Mostly happy, mixed evaluation
2   Unhappy
Good service:   19 responses


Great. I've used NERSC consulting a few times and have always been satisfied. Fast friendly service. Give'm a raise!

I am extremely pleased with both the response time and the quality of the answers from the two consultants who have helped me. I have told other people that this is a great strength of NERSC.

I hadn't noticed the Online Consulting web site, but will use it in the future. Generally I think you respond pretty fast and with good answers.

The few times I've had serious problems, these folks have been great.

Support by Iwona Sakrejda in particular is excellent. I am very happy with this side of things.

They do a great job. I would have been lost without them

Francesca Verdier and David Skinner have been most helpful with my requests!

from my experience NERSC Consulting Services work much better then anywhere else! VERY GOOD JOB!

I was very satisfied with the quality of the NERSC consulting and account support. My queries were always very quickly answered and solved and I really appreciate that! My queries were also followed up on afterwards to ensure that I didn't have any more problems - all in all , excellent service!

Consultants are very customer-oriented and seem to be genuinely interested in trying to help.

The NERSC consulting services are exceptional

I just want to note how impressed I am with the yeoman's effort Jonathan Carter put in trying to track down a problem in the MPI I/O routines for large numbers of processors. Although he never came to a definite conclusion about the problem's source (although it was tracked to poor documentation by IBM), he stayed with it for several months and came up with a reasonable work-around.

I have nothing but wonderful things so say regarding NERSC consultants. They have been useful, friendly and competent. When they don't know answers to questions I always get a prompt response back. Our allocation has pushed our HPSS limits and the staff has been helpful in monitoring this and adjusting our allotment. Thanks.

I have found NERSC consulting to be nothing short of excellent. Responses have been prompt and at all times helpful. Without question this is the best user support I have worked with. It's been truly a pleasure to deal with all of the consultants who have responded to my questions.

Excellent service. I found it extremely helpful.

Excellent Job ! Thanks.

NERSC consulting and user services are excellent.

overall they do a very good job. it was nice to meet some of them at users meeting at Argonne.

Mosty happy, mixed evaluation:   4 responses

Support staff is friendly for the most part, especially on the telephone. Some e-mails received in response to questions posed were curt. That could be improved.

I have not used the consultants a great deal, but I am very happy to know they are available to help. On the few occasions, where I have sought help, I have come away with mixed feelings. In one memorable case, this was less a problem with the quality of consulting than with the quality and features of the product. (This was a GPFS/MPI-IO issue.)

Consulting: sometimes the consulting staffs look overloaded.

I'm generally happy with the consulting services. There are only a few problems I've had that have not been resolved.

Unhappy:   2 responses

I would like consultants to know more about software available to the users. Currently it sometimes seems that I can find out myself more than consultants can tell me.

NERSC should more flexible policy regarding quota etc for big user