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Users May Now Clear Their Own Login Failures

May 16, 2013 by Francesca Verdier

Users may now clear their own login failures simply by logging in to the NIM website ( No further steps are necessary; that is, the simple act of logging in to NIM will clear your login failures on all NERSC compute systems. NIM will then provide a display of the number of login failures that were cleared on each compute system that was affected at the top of the NIM landing page.

If you type an incorrect password five consecutive times while trying to login to a NERSC compute system, your account on that system will become "locked", and you will be unable to login to that system until the login failures are cleared. Note that a new password is not needed in this situation. If you can log into the NIM website, then you know that you have the correct password. However, if you do not know your password, you can reset it from the "Reset your NIM password" link on the NIM sign-in page or you can call NERSC Operations at any time, 24 x 7, and somebody will be available to provide you with a temporary password.