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Eight Projects Selected for NERSC's Data Intensive Computing Pilot Program

April 30, 2012 by Francesca Verdier

Eight projects have been selected to participate in NERSC's Data Intensive Computing Pilot Program. They will help us investigate new data methods and understand their usefulness to scientists using NERSC resources.  The selected projects are:

  • High Throughput Computational Screening of Energy Materials, with PI Gerbrand Ceder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Analysis and Serving of Data from Large-Scale Cosmological Simulations, with PI Salman Habib of Argonne National Laboratory
  • Interactive Real-time Analysis of Hybrid Kinetic-MHD Simulations with NIMROD, with PI Charlson C. Kim of the University of Washington
  • Next-generation genome-scale in silico modeling: the unification of metabolism, macromolecular synthesis, and gene expression regulation, with PI Joshua Lerman of the University of California San Diego
  • Data Processing for the Dayabay Reactor Neutrino Experiment's Search for Theta_13, with PI Craig Tull of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Transforming X-ray Science Toward Data-Centrism, with PI Amedeo Perazzo of Stanford University (SLAC)
  • Data Globe, with PI John Wu of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Integrating Compression with Parallel I/O for Ultra-Large Climate Data Sets, with PI Jian Yin of Pacific Northwest national Laboratory

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