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Parallel Programming and Optimization for Intel Architecture

August 14, 2015 by Richard Gerber

 Intel is sponsoring a series of webinars entitled "Parallel Programming and Optimization for Intel Architecture." Here’s the schedule for August

(Registration link is:


Mon, August 17 - "Hello world from Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors". Overview of architecture, preview of course topics. 
Tue, August 18 - "Offload programming for Intel coprocessors". Introduction to offload programming. 
Wed, August 19 - "Expressing Parallelism with Vectors". Vectorization reports, compiler hints, SIMD-enabled functions, array notation. 

Fri, August 21 - "Crash course on multi-threading with OpenMP“. Creating threads, parallel loops, synchronization. 
Mon, August 24- "Optimization for Intel parallel architectures". Overview of optimization, motivational example. 
Tue, August 25- "Optimization of vector arithmetics in Intel architectures". Data structures, alignment, regularizing vectorization pattern. 
Wed, August 26- "Optimization of multi-threading in Intel architectures I". Efficient parallel reduction, expanding parallelism. 
Thur, August 27- "Optimization of multi-threading in Intel architectures II". Load balancing, affinity control. 
Fri, August 28- "Optimization of memory traffic in Intel parallel architectures". Loop tiling, cache-oblivious recursion. 
Mon, August 31- "Practical usage of Intel Math Kernel Library with Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors". Usage modes, tuning, function support.