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NERSC Exascale Science Postdoctoral Fellowships

November 3, 2014

Applications are being accepted for up to eight postdoctoral fellowship positions at NERSC.  The positions are part of a larger effort to enable new, pathbreaking science with NERSC's next generation manycore Cori supercomputer.  Fellows will be working in multidisciplinary teams composed of computer, computational, and domain scientists that will transition codes to the Cori system and produce mission-relevant science that truly pushes the limits of high-end computing.  The list of 20 projects available for assignment is on 

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Top 10 Reasons to Select NERSC for Postdoctoral Research

  1. NERSC is the flagship computing resource for the DOE Office of Science, a world-class national user facility providing innovative computing, data, and analysis solutions for basic scientific research.
  2. An opportunity to be one of the first users of NERSC's next-generation supercomputer.
  3. The opportunity to work on one or more of the most challenging and important scientific computing problems in energy, materials, astrophysics, chemistry, fusion, and many other cutting-edge science areas.
  4. The chance to be associated with one of the world's first supercomputing centers (NERSC's 40th anniversary is in 2014).
  5. Help sustain the mission of the DOE Office of Science, the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States.
  6. Easy access to several of the world's most powerful supercomputers for your research and also to NERSC staff, who will help you understand what it takes to accelerate scientific discovery for a community of over 4,500 user customers.
  7. A most impressive record of former postdoctoral scholars who have gone on to key positions in academia and industry. 
  8. You'll work just thirty minutes from San Francisco with all that the gorgeous Bay Area has to offer in terms of culture, climate, and recreation.
  9. You'll be employed by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, an institution with 13 Nobel Laureates, 57 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 13 scientists who have won the National Medal of Science, and 18 who have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Berkeley Lab is bringing science solutions to the world.
  10. Be a key contributor to NERSC's goal of providing usable exascale computing.