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April 21, 2015 by Katie Antypas


You may have noticed that, over the past six months, we have rolled out a new
MyNERSC experience on the web at
The new version of MyNERSC is designed to be a one-stop destination for
NERSC interactive content on the web, combining tools that previously were
spread across the old MyNERSC, NIM (NERSC's accounting interface), Service
Now (NERSC's ticketing system), Mobile NERSC and
While the integration of all the functionality in the above services into
MyNERSC is not yet complete, you can already perform the following actions:
View repo and disk usage information
View job and system status
View detailed completed job information from ALTD, LMT, Darshan
Plot the rank of your job over time in the queue
Hold, release and delete your jobs
Get queue-time prediction based on historical data
Monitor the NERSC backlog
Download any of your files and upload new files, including to and from
Monitor the NERSC file system performance over time
Subscribe to the NERSC outages via Google Calendar
Create and manage your Service Now support tickets
View a history of all NERSC outages and announcements
Change your default repo, default shell and other NIM profile
information (more NIM functionality coming soon)
See a list of top jobs running at the center and node breakdown by DOE
office, science category and class
Choose an interactive login node to use based on utilization and/or free
Through the use of modern web technology such as HTML5, advanced javascript
libraries and WebGL, NERSC has created rich web applications for individual
domain groups in the past. The re-invented MyNERSC is our attempt to bring
this experience to a gateway for all NERSC users.
We would appreciate your feedback about the new MyNERSC. Please give it a try
and let us know what you think. The new site is designed for both desktop
and mobile browsers; so, make sure to try it on smart phone, and pin it to
your homescreen for a native-like app experience.
Please send all comments/complaints, feature-requests and bug-reports to
Jack Deslippe


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