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Cori Phase II Preparations

May 9, 2016 by Rebecca Hartman-Baker

We expect the first cabinets of Cori Phase II to arrive in CRT/Wang Hall on the LBL campus in July. NERSC personnel will immediately get to work on bringing the machine into production. Before the machine can be released to the NERSC user community, a number of tasks must be completed, some of which will have a direct impact on NERSC users. We've created the Cori Phase II Schedule page to keep users updated on the progress.

Of note with direct impact on users, there will be a two-week outage of Cori Phase I beginning June 6, 2016, to upgrade its operating system to the latest Rhine/Redwood release. In addition, in late August, the two phases of Cori will be integrated, which will require a five-week outage of Cori Phase I.