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All users now enabled on the new Cray XC30, Edison Phase I

March 5, 2013 by Francesca Verdier


All user accounts have been enabled on the first phase of Edison, NERSC’s newest HPC resource, a Cray XC30. The system was installed last December and is currently in the pre-production phase, a time when NERSC users are given access to the machine, and also when NERSC and Cray staff are still making improvements to the system. Users are invited to run jobs on the Edison Phase I system free of charge in exchange for providing feedback to NERSC staff about their experiences using Edison.

The Edison Phase I system has 664 compute nodes and 10,624 cores. Each node has two eight-core Intel “Sandy Bridge” processors running at 2.6 GHz (16 cores per node), and has 64 GB of memory. While the user environment on Edison is remarkably similar to that on Hopper, a number of new features and technologies are available on the Edison Phase I system, including the Cray Aries high speed interconnect, Hyper-Threading technology, the Sonexion storage system, and an external batch server.

More information about Edison can be found at: