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All Files on Edison Scratch Removed Beginning August 29

August 3, 2016 by Rebecca Hartman-Baker

On Monday, August 29, NERSC will begin the process of upgrading Edison's /scratch1 and /scratch2 filesystems. We're doing this upgrade to a more recent Lustre version and to reorganize the filesystem into the new gridraid format, which should improve performance.

One consequence of this upgrade is that all data on Edison scratch (/scratch1 and /scratch2) will be deleted. Please plan accordingly, because once the upgrade begins, there will be no way for us to retrieve your files.

Work will begin on Monday, August 29th at 7:00 am. Any jobs or processes accessing the scratch directories will be terminated, and any jobs depending on the scratch filesystem will be cancelled (since all data on the filesystem will be wiped). We've put Edison scratch filesystem license reservations in place, so please use the filesystem licensing feature to ensure that you do not waste your allocation on a job that starts up only to fail due to the downtime.

Users can continue to run on Edison during the outage, using the /scratch3 or global CSCRATCH filesystems.