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Scott French

Scott French , Ph.D.
HPC Consultant
User Services Group
Phone: +1 510 486 7526
Fax: +1 510 486 7526
1 Cyclotron Rd
M/S 943R0256
Berkeley, CA 94720

Biographical Sketch 

Scott received his Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Science from U.C. Berkeley in May 2014. Working in the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, his research focused on full-waveform seismic imaging of the earth’s interior at the scale of the entire globe. He has been a NERSC user since 2009 and joined the User Services Group in August 2014.

Within the realm of high-performance computing, Scott's interests include parallel programming models / languages and associated runtimes, as well as parallel I/O. Much of his work on the former has focused on the partitioned global address space (PGAS) family of languages.

Journal Articles

Huaiyu Yuan, Scott French, Paul Cupillard, Barbara Romanowicz, "Lithospheric expression of geological units in central and eastern North America from full waveform tomography", Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2014, 402:176, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2013.11.057

Scott French, Barbara Romanowicz, "Whole-mantle radially anisotropic shear velocity structure from spectral-element waveform tomography", Geophysical Journal International, 2014, doi: 10.1093/gji/ggu334

Scott French, Vedran Lekic, Barbara Romanowicz, "Waveform Tomography Reveals Channeled Flow at the Base of the Oceanic Asthenosphere", Science, 2013, 342:227, doi: 10.1126/science.1241514

Vedran Lekic, Scott French, Barbara Romanowicz, "Lithospheric Thinning Beneath Rifted Regions of Southern California", Science, 2011, 334:783, doi: 10.1126/science.1208898

David Abt, Karen Fischer, Scott French, Heather Ford, Huaiyu Yuan, Barbara Romanowicz, "North American lithospheric discontinuity structure imaged by Ps and Sp receiver functions", Journal of Geophysical Research, 2010, 115, doi: 10.1029/2009JB006914

Scott French, Linda Warren, Karen Fischer, Geoffrey Abers, Wilfried Strauch, J. Marino Protti, Victor Gonzalez, "Constraints on upper plate deformation in the Nicaraguan subduction zone from earthquake relocation and directivity analysis", Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 2010, 11, doi: 10.1029/2009GC002841

Scott French, Karen Fischer, Ellen Syracuse, Michael Wysession, "Crustal structure beneath the Florida-to-Edmonton broadband seismometer array", Geophysical Research Letters, 2009, 35, doi: 10.1029/2008GL036331

Conference Papers

Scott French, Yili Zheng, Barbara Romanowicz, Katherine Yelick, "Parallel Hessian Assembly for Seismic Waveform Inversion Using Global Updates", IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS) 2015, May 25, 2015, doi: 10.1109/IPDPS.2015.58