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User Services

The User Services Group's mission is to increase the scientific productivity of NERSC users through technical support, education, advocacy, and the development and deployment of new computational and data technologies.This group is responsible for problem management and consulting; helping with user code optimization and debugging; strategic project support; web documentation and training; and third-party applications and library support.

The User Services Group is the user community's primary point of contact with NERSC, residing at the interface between high performance computing and storage systems and the 4,500 application scientists whose research depends on using those systems effectively and productively. USG staff serve as advocates for the user community, ensuring that new systems and services are well matched to the needs of scientists using NERSC.


Richard A. Gerber , Ph.D.

NERSC Senior Science Advisor
(510) 486-6820 |

Clayton L. Bagwell Jr.

Account Support, NIM Development Team Leader
(510) 495-2264 |

Kirsten Fagnan Ph.D.

Bioinformatics/HPC consultant; JGI-NERSC Engagement Lead
510.486.6831 |

Scott French , Ph.D.

HPC Consultant, User Services Group
+1 510 486 7526 |
XBD201309 03738

Lisa Gerhardt Ph.D.

PDSF Computing Consultant
(510) 486-4680 |
Hartman BakerRebecca

Rebecca J. Hartman-Baker Ph.D.

HPC Consultant, User Services
(510) 486-4406 |

Yun (Helen) He , Ph.D.

HPC Consultant
(510) 486-5180 |

Mark Heer

Account Support
(510) 486-4284 |

Jonathan Rood , Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Computing Consultant

David P. Turner

HPC Consultant
(510) 486-4027 |

Harvey J. Wasserman , Ph.D.

HPC Consultant
(510) 486-4750 |

Woo-Sun Yang , Ph.D.

HPC Consultant
(510) 486-5735 |

Zhengji Zhao , Ph.D.

HPC Consultant
(510) 495-2540 |