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Aditya Kavalur

Aditya Kavalur
HPC Consultant/Software Integration Specialist
User Engagement Group
1 Cyclotron Rd
Mail Stop 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720 US

Biographical Sketch

Aditya is an HPC Consultant/Software Integration Specialist at NERSC. He works as the site CI coordinator at NERSC ensuring that CI developments tailored for the Exascale Computing Project (ECP-CI) are implemented on NERSC systems. He uses them to deploy the E4S software stack. Additionally, he also performs consulting duties for the labs broad scientific user base, helping them to run and optimize their simulations.

Prior to joining NERSC he completed his PhD in Materials Science from the University of Cincinnati, where he worked on developing the concurrent multi-length scale method Quasicontinuum which couples atomistic and continuum domains. During his graduate studies Aditya helped manage two HPC systems at the University.