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Raphael Prat

Raphael Prat, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher
NESAP for Simulations

Biographical Sketch

Raphaël Prat is a NESAP Postdoctoral working on the optimisation on GPU of Chombo 4 (CFD simulation) and Proto. Proto is a High Performance package to run Chombo 4 on GPU architecture. 

Raphaël Prat has earned a Ph.D. from the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) and the University of Bordeaux in October 2019 under the supervision of Laurent Colombet and Raymond Namyst. His Ph.D. focused on the dynamic load balancing for future exaflop supercomputer applied to the molecular dynamics. Before, he received an engineering degree in applied mathematics from Polytech Lyon.


Prat, R., Colombet, L. and Namyst, R., 2018, August. Combining task-based parallelism and adaptive mesh refinement techniques in molecular dynamics simulations. In Proceedings of the 47th International Conference on Parallel Processing (pp. 1-10).

Prat, R., Carrard, T., Soulard, L., Durand, O., Namyst, R. and Colombet, L., 2020. AMR-based molecular dynamics for non-uniform, highly dynamic particle simulations. Computer Physics Communications, p.107177.