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Nestor Demeure

Nestor Demeure, Ph.D.
NESAP Postdoctoral Researcher

Biographical Sketch

I am a Ph.D. and engineer specializing in computer science and applied mathematics.

I did my Ph.D. on the measure and localization of numerical errors due to floating-point arithmetic in a high-performance computing context.

I am currently working with NERSC to help port the TOAST software framework (used to study the cosmic microwave background) to the new Perlmutter supercomputer and, in particular, port it to graphic processors (GPU).

Research Interests

  • High-performance computing
  • Floating-point arithmetic
  • Artificial intelligence


  • Ph.D. in computer science and applied mathematics from the University Paris Saclay (École Normale Supérieur Paris Saclay) in Paris (France)
  • Engineering degree, with a specialty in computer science and applied mathematics, from ENSIIE (National School of Informatic for the Industry and Companies) in Strasbourg (France)
  • Master's degree in software and knowledge engineering from the university of Strasbourg (France)