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Laurie Stephey

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Laurie Stephey
Scientific Data Architect

Biographical Sketch

Laurie Stephey is a Scientific Data Architect in the Data Analytics and Services group. Previously she was a postdoctoral fellow in the NERSC NESAP for Data program. She works on NERSC's container infrastructure and Python teams, she serves as a project liaison for the DIII-D and KSTAR fusion science teams, and she is also interested in scientific workflows and NERSC center data analysis.

Laurie earned her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017 in magnetic confinement fusion studying edge physics in the HSX and W7-X stellarators. In 2009, she earned her B.A. in Physics from Rollins College in Orlando, Florida.

Research Interests

Making containers ubiquitous in HPC, leveraging Python in scientific computing, enabling real-time scientific workflows, Dask, workflow tools, plasma physics and fusion, astronomy/cosmology

Publications and Presentations

L. Stephey, S. Canon, A. Gaur, D. Fulton, and A. J. Younge. "Scaling Podman on Perlmutter: Embracing a community-supported container ecosystem." CANOPIE-HPC workshop at SC22.

A. Gaur, R. S. Canon, L. Stephey, D. Jacobsen, D. Fulton. "Adopting standardized container runtimes in HPC." Presentation at Cray User Group, 2022.

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L. A. Stephey, R. C. Thomas, and S. J. Bailey. "Optimizing Python-Based Spectroscopic Data Processing on NERSC Supercomputers." Proceedings of the 18th Python in Science Conf. (Scipy). July 2019. 

L. Stephey, A. Bader, F. Effenberg, O. Schmitz, G. A. Wurden, D. T. Anderson, F. S. B. Anderson, C. Biedermann, A. Dinklage, Y. Feng, H. Frerichs, G. Fuchert, J. Geiger, J. Harris, R. Koenig, P. Kornejew, M. Krychowiak, J. D. Lore, E. A. Unterberg, I. Waters, and the W7-X Team. "Impact of magnetic islands in the plasma edge on particle fueling and exhaust in the HSX and W7-X stellarators." Physics of Plasmas, Volume 25, Issue 6 (2018).

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J. L. Tedesco, L. Stephey, M. Hernandez-More, C. A. Richter, and N. Gergel-Hackett. "Switching mechamisms in flexible solution-processed TiO2 memristors." J. Nanotechnology 23, 305206 (2012).

L. A. Stephey and T. R. Moore. "Experimental investigation of an American five-string banjo." J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 124, 3276 (2008).

For other publications please see Laurie's Google Scholar profile