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Ronnie Chatterjee

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Arghya (Ronnie) Chatterjee
HPC Performance Engineer
High Performance Computing Department
Application Performance Group

Biographical Sketch

Ronnie is a NESAP Staff Member in the Application Performance Group, supporting Tier-1 application teams with performance optimization on the latest hardware at NERSC (Perlmutter and other next-gen supercomputers). He is also responsible for the GPU Performance Monitoring effort on CoriGPU and the Perlmutter systems. 

Prior to joining Berkeley Lab, Ronnie was a R&D staff (computational scientist) in the Scientific Computing Group (SciComp), National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). His primary responsibilities were to facilitate the overall project deliverables and assist with performance optimizations of a wide range of US DOE mission critical applications supported at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF). 

Ronnie has also worked as a Research Associate in the Computer Science Research (CSR) Group at ORNL, where his work focussed on performance analyzing, modeling and optimization of condensed matter physics applications, using asynchronous programming models and hardware level optimizations.

Conference Papers

Weile Wei, Eduardo D'Azevedo, Kevin Huck, Arghya Chatterjee, Oscar Hernandez, Hartmut Kaiser, "Memory Reduction using a Ring Abstraction over GPU RDMA for Distributed Quantum Monte Carlo Solver", The Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) Conference, July 5, 2021,

Weile Wei, Arghya Chatterjee, Kevin Huck, Oscar Hernandez, Hartmut Kaiser, "Performance Analysis of a Quantum Monte Carlo Application on Multiple Hardware Architectures Using the HPX Runtime", Latest Advances in Scalable Algorithms for Large-Scale Systems (ScalA), November 13, 2020,