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Non-orthogonal moving mesh with AMR refinement

ALE-AMR is both an open science NERSC code and a methodology for modeling a variety of regimes ranging from hot radiating plasmas and warm dense matter to cold fragmenting solids. Applications of the ALE-AMR code include laser/target effects on the NIF laser at LLNL, ion beam target performance on the NDCX-I/NDCX-II experiment at LBNL, and plasma/solid interactions. The code combines Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) hydrodynamics with Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR). Also included is a flexible strength/failure framework that can store persistent data required for accurate material failure models. Radiation diffusion in included via an operator spliting technique. Various surface tension models are also being developed for the code.

Related Publications


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This modeling is performed to advance the rate of learning about optimal EUV generation for laser produced plasmas and to provide insights where experimental results are not currently available. The goal is to identify key physical processes necessary for an accurate and predictive model capable of simulating a wide range of conditions. This modeling will help to drive source performance scaling in support of the EUV Lithography roadmap. The model simulates pre-pulse laser interaction with the tin droplet and follows the droplet expansion into the main pulse target zone. Next, the interaction of the expanded droplet with the main laser pulse is simulated. We demonstrate the predictive nature of the code and provide comparison with experimental results. ALE-AMR and other codes are used for the modeling.


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Modelling and mitigation of damage are crucial for safe and economical operation of high-power laser facilities. Experiments at the National Ignition Facility use a variety of targets with a range of laser energies spanning more than two orders of magnitude (~14 kJ to ~1.9 MJ). Low-energy inertial confinement fusion experiments are used to study early-time x-ray load symmetry on the capsule, shock timing, and other physics issues. For these experiments, a significant portion of the target is not completely vaporized and late-time (hundreds of ns) simulations are required to study the generation of debris and shrapnel from these targets. Damage to optics and diagnostics from shrapnel is a major concern for low-energy experiments. We provide the first full-target simulations of entire cryogenic targets, including the Al thermal mechanical package and Si cooling rings. We use a 3D multi-physics multi-material hydrodynamics code, ALE-AMR, for these late-time simulations. The mass, velocity, and spatial distribution of shrapnel are calculated for three experiments with laser energies ranging from 14 to 250 kJ. We calculate damage risk to optics and diagnostics for these three experiments. For the lowest energy re-emit experiment, we provide a detailed analysis of the effects of shrapnel impacts on optics and diagnostics and compare with observations of damage sites.

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On Monday, June 15, 2009, the SciDAC 2009 conference sponsored an Electronic Visualization and Poster Night. Scientists involved in DOE Office of Science research, such as SciDAC, INCITE, and core-funded programs, were encouraged to submit an image or animation to be shown at this event. A DVD of those images and animations is attached to the inside back cover of this proceedings book. 


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