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[Users] Cori charge factors for 2020

Author: Richard Gerber <>
Date: 2020-01-07 11:01:42

Dear NERSC Users, We’re changing the charge factors for the KNL and Haswell nodes on Cori for Allocation Year 2020 (AY20) to better reflect the way that the nodes are used and to optimize user wait times and machine utilization. The new rates for each kind of node will be: Cori Haswell: 140 NERSC Hours per hour used per node Cori KNL: 80 NERSC Hours per hour used per node In AY19, 26% of all compute time at NERSC came from the Intel Xeon processors found on Cori Haswell nodes and Edison, which was retired at the end of last May. This year, Xeon nodes are a more limited resource and their fraction shrinks to only 17% of all available hours. We observed in the second half of the year (an environment similar to what we will see in AY20, except that the charge factor was 90 for all nodes) that about 30% of time on Haswell was spent on Premium, which is charged at double the base rate, or 180 NERSC Hours per hour used per node. By considering user behavior in 2019 as well as the allocations distributed by DOE allocation managers, NERSC arrived at the new rates for 2020. Please note that KNL is binary compatible with Haswell and almost all jobs that run on Haswell will run unaltered on KNL. There are also simple changes that can drastically improve performance in some cases; please join us for KNL office hours in the new year to address user scripts, compilation for KNL nodes, and basic code optimization. We hope the charge factors given above will make KNL an attractive platform for most jobs while maintaining the same total number of hours allocated to each project. Regards, Richard Gerber Richard Gerber, Ph.D. Senior Science Advisor | HPC Department Head National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center <> | Berkeley Lab <> | phone: (510) 486-6820 fax: 510-486-4316 _______________________________________________ Users mailing list

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