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[Users] Power to NERSC Is Shut Down; Unknown When NERSC Will Return to Service

Author: Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
Date: 2019-10-10 09:36:50

Dear NERSC Users, Berkeley Lab was disconnected from PG&E power overnight at 12:18 am (Pacific time). NERSC is currently operating on generator power. We had left the Cori login nodes and the filesystems online but we will need to bring them down soon. Spin will also be powered down. We will do our best to keep the NERSC website online but this will depend on a number of external factors. We will continue to update with the latest information. Thanks for your patience in this unprecedented power outage. When power is restored, we will do everything we can to return NERSC to service as soon as possible. Regards, -Rebecca -- Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Ph.D User Engagement Group Leader National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center | Berkeley Lab | phone: (510) 486-4810 fax: (510) 486-6459 Pronouns: she/her/hers _______________________________________________ Users mailing list

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