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[Users] NERSC Power Outage Imminent; Expect NERSC to Be Offline for Several Days

Author: Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
Date: 2019-10-08 19:09:13

Dear NERSC Users, PG&E has informed us that they will definitely be cutting power to the Berkeley Lab campus sometime between 12:01 am (Pacific) and noon Wednesday. Berkeley Lab is closed effective Wednesday, October 9 at 12:01 am. NERSC will continue to operate until power is cut by PG&E. This could be at any time within the 12-hour window. When PG&E power is lost, NERSC will turn over to its generator. Cori draws too much power for the generator's capacity, so it will be immediately lost. Remaining auxiliary services, such as the NERSC website, will remain available until we can no longer maintain them on the generator (although we expect to receive fuel tank refills for the duration of the outage). You should expect that NERSC will be offline for several days. A best-case scenario would have power restored to Berkeley Lab over the weekend. We will return to service as soon as reasonably possible. We will keep the NERSC website updated with the latest information whenever possible. We've also prepared a NERSC status website: which we will populate with the latest information as we receive it. In the event that NERSC has no backup power and the website goes dark, please monitor for NERSC status -- there will be a NERSC line item there. Obviously, there will be no account or consulting support for the duration of the outage. Quarterly allocation adjustments, scheduled for Thursday, will be postponed. Operations staff will be on hand as long as the generator is running, but we ask you to refrain from calling them during this period, as they will be busy and phone service may be limited. Thanks for being a NERSC user and we really appreciate your patience during this unexpected event. Regards, -Rebecca -- Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Ph.D User Engagement Group Leader National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center | Berkeley Lab | phone: (510) 486-4810 fax: (510) 486-6459 Pronouns: she/her/hers _______________________________________________ Users mailing list

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