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[Pdsf-users] PDSF service shutdown warning

Author: Jan Balewski <>
Date: 2019-03-05 18:48:16

Dear PDSF Users, we are approaching the PDSF shutdown date, set nominally on April 1. Those who have a beyond-PDSF NERSC account will be able to access all their files residing on GPFS (/global/project etc) through Cori or NERSC DTNs. Otherwise, please backup your data now. The main reason for this mail is to inquire if any group (or a user) runs any service residing on PDSF/Mendel nodes, a DB server, a web-page server, cronjob to update documentation or such, etc? Anything that is not a login node (pdsf6, pdsf7, pdsf8 - will be kept alive a bit longer) will not be available anymore. We plan to cut the power cord (irreversibly) on PDSF/Mendel on April 1. Please contact us ASAP if this inflicts an unbearable and an unanticipated pain. Thanks Jan _______________________________________________ pdsf-users mailing list

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