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Re: [Pdsf-users] PDSF shifter nodes footprint will grow

Author: Jan Balewski <>
Date: 2019-02-22 10:43:26

Hi, the move all of 16-core nodes to -p nucori partition has been completed. Thank you Georg. Now -p nucori has nominally 1472 vCores, but 5 nodes are non-reperably broken (it is 160 vCores) so users can get max of 656 jobs running there, if --mem does not exceed 2.5 GB. The -p chared-chos is now reduced to 2264 vCores. Let us know if you see any issues, Thanks Jan P.S. All broken PDSF nodes can be listed with this command. It is expected this list will grow with time - we are out of warranty on Mendel. pdsf8 $ sinfo -R REASON USER TIMESTAMP NODELIST Not responding slurm 2019-02-11T13:52:51 mc[1305,1504] gr:satellite lvm grath 2018-12-13T12:57:32 mc1520 Not responding slurm 2019-02-20T16:10:24 mc[0145-0146,0152] possibly retired? root 2018-08-12T07:26:52 mc1309 repair:gbrath:INC012 root 2018-08-12T07:23:25 mc1313 Not responding slurm 2019-02-11T13:54:31 mc[0112,0126,1529] badsdb root 2019-01-21T18:22:43 mc0119 repair:tq:diskINC012 root 2018-08-29T15:16:15 mc0108 gr:satellite system grath 2018-11-15T12:04:53 mc0111 _______________________________________________ pdsf-users mailing list

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