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User Data Forum Presentations

  M01: Perspectives from DOE

Download File: M01-2014JuneNERSCBIVEN.pdf | pdf | 2.6 MB

  M02: The Future of Data and Scientific Workflow

Download File: M02-The-Future-of-Workflow2.pdf | pdf | 9.2 MB

  M03: The Future of Large Scale Visual Data Analysis

Download File: M03-Bethel-June2014-HPCOR.pdf | pdf | 3.1 MB

  M04: Machine Learning for Data-Driven Discovery

Download File: M04-Machine-Learning-at-Scale-v3.pdf | pdf | 2.2 MB

  M05: In situ Visualization with the Sierra Simulation Framework Using ParaView Catalyst

  M06: ESnet Support for WAN Data Movement

  M07: The HPC Data Center of the Future

Download File: M07-JFUFHPCFutureDataCenter.pdf | pdf | 11 MB

  M08: Databases and Data analytic frameworks at NERSC

  M09: Globus for Data Management

  M10: Panel: 20 Minutes Into Our Future

Download File: M10-ALL-JointFacilityPanel-2.pdf | pdf | 3.8 MB

  T01: Velo: Knowledge and Tool Integration for Collaborative Scientific Projects

Download File: T01-Velo.pdf | pdf | 6.1 MB

  T02: Design Patterns in Web Gateways for Scientific Data

Download File: T02-ScienceGatewayPatterns-Cholia2.pdf | pdf | 6 MB

  T03: Data Management for Climate Science: Lessons Learned and Future Needs

Download File: T03-DISfinal.pdf | pdf | 38 MB

  T04: Towards an ALS Data and Analysis Framework at NERSC

Download File: T04-Towards-ALS-Data-Pipeline-1.pdf | pdf | 6.3 MB

  T06: Accelerating Scientific Discovery at the Spallation Neutron Source

  T07: High Throughput Computing! at NERSC and Beyond

Download File: T07-BaileyQdo.pdf | pdf | 2.5 MB

  T08: ACME – Accelerated Climate Modeling For Energy

  T09: Lessons Learned – NERSC/JGI Partnership

Download File: T09-dataworkshop.pdf | pdf | 6.7 MB

  T10: Data-Intensive Computing at SDSC

Download File: T10-Joint-Facilities-User-Forum.pdf | pdf | 7 MB

  T12: Experiences with Data Parallel Frameworks

  T13: Data Needs for LCLS-II

  W01: Parallel File Systems at HPC Centers: Usage, Experiences, and Recommendations

Download File: W01-DataIntensiveComputingPanel.pdf | pdf | 996 KB

  W01: ZFS and Lustre at LLNL

Download File: W01-ZFS-and-Lustre-June-1024.pdf | pdf | 1.3 MB

  W01: File Systems at NERSC

Download File: W01-NERSCFileSystems.pdf | pdf | 6 MB

  W03: Data Transfer Tools - Exascale Performance Requirements

Download File: W03Exascale-Data-Transfer2.pdf | pdf | 1.2 MB

  W05: NERSC Archival Storage: Best Practices

Download File: W05-archive-best-practices-JFUF-final2.pdf | pdf | 2.1 MB

W06: Common Large Data Client Server Visualization Tools

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  W07: How To Share Data With Your Collaborators

Download File: W07-SharingData-Cholia.pdf | pdf | 3.1 MB

  W09: Using the Adaptable I/O System (ADIOS)

Download File: W09-norbert-oakland-userforum-2014.pdf | pdf | 18 MB