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This page describes some of the more common issues encountered by HPSS users and their solutions.

Trouble connecting

The first time you try to connect using a NERSC provided client like HSI, HTAR, or PFTP you will be prompted for your NIM password which will generate a token stored in $HOME/.netrc.  This allows you to connect to HPSS without typing a password. However, sometimes this file can become out of date or otherwise corrupted. This generates errors that look like this:

% hsi
result = -11000, errno = 29
Unable to authenticate user with HPSS.
result = -11000, errno = 9
Unable to setup communication to HPSS...
*** HSI: error opening logging
Error - authentication/initialization failed

If this error occurs try moving $HOME/.netrc file to $HOME/.netrc_temp.  Then connect to the HPSS system again and enter your NIM password when prompted. A new $HOME/.netrc file will be generated with a new entry/token. 

This error can also be generated if you are using an old version of hsi / htar. You can check the version you're running by typing 'hsi -V'

% hsi -V
HSIGW Client Version: [hsi. Thu Oct 25 13:27:37 PDT 2012][V4.0.1.2_2012_10_22.02]

You can compare the version number ( in this case) to the most recent version found on the HPSS Software Downloads page. If you're version is earlier, please update to the latest version.

If the problem persists contact NERSC account support.

Cannot transfer files using htar

If you are able to connect to HPSS with htar, but are unable to transfer files, this could be due to firewall issues. Accessing HPSS with htar through a firewall requires special configuration (detailed here). To test if the firewall is the cause of transfer issues, try connecting to HPSS using hsi instead. By default hsi runs in a firewall-friendly configuration, in the example below it is explicitly turned on and off:

% hsi
% firewall -on
% put my_test_file my_directory
% firewall -off
% put my_test_file my_directory

If the first transfer succeeds and the second one fails, this could be caused by firewall issues. Please see out Firewall page for instructions on how to configure your firewall to allow htar transfers. If this doesn't fix the problem contact NERSC account support.

Cannot access shared files or directories

If you are trying to put or get files from a directory on HPSS that you don't own you will get an error that looks like this:

% hsi
% cd /shared_directory/subdirectory
*** hpss_Opendir: Access denied [-13: HPSS_EACCES]

it could mean that the permissions aren't set properly for you to have access to that directory. To check if you have permission to access the directory, type 'ls -ld'. Please see the Unix File Permissions page for a description of file permissions and how to change them. The standard unix command 'chmod' will also work via hsi. If you find that you are frequently sharing files with other users, you may want to think about setting up an HPSS Project directory.