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SRU Calculator

About SRUs

You can use this form to estimate your mass storage charges (in SRUs).

SRUs are calculated on a daily basis. Enter your estimated daily average number of files and data storage and your yearly estimate of data transferred to and from the HPSS system. Click on Calculate and your SRU charge will appear in the light blue boxes.

Enter average daily values for the allocation year
Number of files*:
Amount of data stored*: GB
Enter total HPSS I/O for the allocation year
Data transferred: GB
This is your estimated SRU charge
Average per month: SRUs
Per Year: SRUs

* - Includes all files and data stored on HPSS, not just files added this allocation year.

SRUs are charged for both data transfer and data retention. As an example, if you put 10 files totaling 2000 GB into HPSS, you will be charged 8001 SRUs for the transfer. As long as that data is in HPSS, you will accumulate a daily charge of about 26 SRUs, bringing the total charge for one year of storing 2000 GBs to 17575 SRUs.