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HPSS Project Directories

A special "project directory" can be created in HPSS for groups of researchers who wish to easily share file.  The file in this directory will be readable by all members of a particular unix file group.  This file group can have the same name as the repository (in which case all members of the repository will have access to the project directory) or a new name can be requested (in which case only those users added to the new file group by the requester will have access to the project directory.  See the NIM Guide for PIs for instructions on how to do this).

HPSS project directories have the following properties:

  • located under /home/projects
  • owned by the PI, a PI Proxy or a Project Manager of the associated repository
  • have suitable group attribute (include "setgid bit")

To request creation of an HPSS project directory the PI, a PI Proxy or a Project Manager of the requesting repository should fill out the HPSS Project Directory Request Form.

This will send an email to the NERSC consultants who will then evaluate the request and contact you.