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The Cray Third Party Scientific Libraries (TPSL), is a collection of scientific libraries and solvers contaning:

  • ParMetis
  • SuperLU,
  • SuperLU_DIST
  • Hypre
  • Scotch
  • Sundials


The Cray TPSL module is available on the NERSC Cray systems, Cori and Edison.  To use: 

module load cray-tpsl

Using TPSL

After loading the cray-tpsl module, the compiler wrappers (ftn, cc, CC) will automatically link with the all the included third party libraries.

To find out which versions of each third party libraries are included with a specific version of cray-tpsl:

% module help cray-tpsl/x.x.xx         # where x.x.xx is the version number


PackagePlatformCategoryVersionModuleInstall DateDate Made Default