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The SPRNG libraries of generators produce good quality random numbers,
and are also fast. They have been subjected to some of the largest
random number tests, with around 10^13 RNs per test.  SPRNG provides both FORTRAN and C (also C++) interfaces for the use of
the parallel random number generators.


SPRNG v2.0 is available on Cray systems (Intel, gnu, and cce).  Use the module utility to load the software.

module load sprng


On Cray systems:

ftn sprng_test.F $SPRNG -lsprng


On Carver there are various documents in $SPRNG/DOCS and various examples in $SPRNG/EXAMPLES.  See the SPRNG web site at Florida State University for complete details.  For help using SPRNG at NERSC contact the consultants,


PackagePlatformCategoryVersionModuleInstall DateDate Made Default
sprng cori libraries/ math 2.0 sprng/2.0 2015-11-09 2015-11-09
sprng cori libraries/ math 5.0 sprng/5.0 2016-07-19
sprng edison_cle5 libraries/ math 2.0 sprng/2.0 2013-02-06
sprng edison_cle5 applications/ astronomy 2.6.1 yt/2.6.1 2014-05-09 2016-08-31
sprng edison_cle5 applications/ astronomy 3.1 yt/3.1 2015-03-11