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The Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations (SLEPc) is provided at NERSC on Hopper by the DOE Advanced CompuTational Software Collection (ACTS). It is an extension of PETSc and uses MPI.

Using SLEPc at NERSC

Please note: You should NOT explicitly load the PETSc modulefile when using SLEPc.  The SLEPc library will gather all the needed PETSc information automatically by loading the proper PETSc modulefile itself.

To use SLEPc on Hopper you simply need to load the SLEPc modulefile file.  An example is:

module load slepc

Note that there are many SLEPc modulefiles available on Hopper corresponding to various levels of optimization.  To see them all use:

module avail slepc

For each SLEPc modulefile there is a directory containing examples that you can use to test the software.  The examples are always located in the directory $SLEPC_DIR/src/examples, which is available after loading the modulefile.

Here is an example of their use:

mkdir SLEPcTests
cd SLEPcTests
module load slepc
cp -r $SLEPC_DIR/src/examples/*.
make ex1 ex1f ex1f90
qsub -I -V -q interactive -l mppwidth=24
aprun -n 2 ex1


Note: the SLEPc library on Hopper is compatible with only the PGI and Cray programming environments.  SLEPc is also available on Carver and compatible with only the PGI compiler.


General information SLEPc is available at .

For questions about using SLEPc on any NERSC system send e-mail to .


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