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Automatic Library Tracking Database Infrastructure

To track and monitor library usage and better serve your software needs, we have enabled the Automatic Library Tracking Database (ALTD) on our prodcution systems, Hopper and Edison.  ALTD is also availailable on Carver, but has not enabled for all users by default yet. ALTD, developed by National Institute for Computational Sciences, automatically and transparently tracks all libraries linked into an application at compile time, as well as the libraries used at run time, by intercepting the linker (ld) and the job launcher (aprun, or mpirun).  It is a light-weight tool, and should not change your experience with compilation and execution of codes on the machine.  However, if you encounter any problems due to ALTD, simply unload the "altd" module in your shell startup files (see below for detailed instruction), and please report any problems to consult at nersc dot gov.

Known issues

  • It is known that ALTD does not work well with totalview. If you need to run totalview, please unload the altd module in your shell startup file.


     ALTD manual