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Programming Libraries

  • Math Libraries
  • NCAR Graphics NCAR Graphics is a collection of graphics libraries that support the display of scientific data. The low-level utilities (LLUs) are the traditional C and Fortran interfaces for contouring, mapping, drawing field flows, drawing surfaces, drawing histograms, drawing X/Y plots, labeling, and more. The NCAR Command Language (NCL) is a full programming language used for data selection, manipulation, and display.
  • IO Libraries
  • ALTD Automatic Library Tracking Database Infrastructure To track and monitor library usage and better serve your software needs, we have enabled the Automatic Library Tracking Database (ALTD) on our prodcution systems, Hopper and Edison.  ALTD is also availailable on Carver, but has not enabled for all users by default yet. ALTD, developed by National Institute for Computational Sciences, automatically and transparently tracks all libraries linked into an application at compile time, as well as the…