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Open Science Grid at NERSC

NERSC provides computing to Open Science Grid (OSG) users through a special allocation. OSG Users must submit an OSG new user request form. This gives them access to NERSC resources, using the standard OSG interfaces. Users must also complete a NERSC Computer Usage Policy Form before their access to NERSC can be activated.

In order to run at NERSC, an OSG user must go through the following process.

  1. If you already have a NERSC account, skip to step 5.
  2. Apply for a NERSC account through the OSG new user request form.
  3. Read and sign the NERSC Computer Usage Policy Form.
  4. Mail or fax the above form to NERSC Account support.
  5. Contact the person in charge of the group's activity at NERSC. By default, you will be associated with the OSG allocation and your P.I./P.I. Proxy will be Ruth Pordes, Shreyas Cholia or Doug Olson.
  6. Once your account is ready, make sure the correct cert DN has been added in the "Grid Certificates" tab of the NIM interface.