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Software on the NERSC computers includes the vendor-supplied operating systems and programming environments as well as third-party products installed by NERSC.  Examples of third-party software are applications such as VASP, and tools such as the DDT and TotalView debuggers.  Most third-party software on NERSC machines is installed using the module mechanism, while some is made available in the user's shell environment by default.  Please contact the consultants for software requests such as:

  • requests for assistance installing software in user directories in NERSC filesystems
  • requests for version upgrades to software on NERSC systems
  • requests for NERSC to consider installing and/or supporting new software

Because of the great variety of different possible software requests, each will be individually evaluated by the NERSC User Services Group in order to provide a timely response.

NERSC User Environment

NERSC systems use global home directories, which are are pre-populated with startup files (also known as dot files) for all available shells. The shells bash, csh, and tcsh are fully supported as login shells; ksh, sh, and zsh are also available. Modules are used to manage access to software. Read More »

All Software List

A list of software installed on NERSC systems. Read More »


Math, chemistry and materials science software installed at NERSC. Read More »


Compilers available at NERSC include PGI, the Cray compilers, Intel, gcc, and UPC. Read More »

Development Tools

Includes Python, CVS, GIT, and Subversion (SVN) Read More »

Programming Libraries

These pages describe the math, graphics, and I/O libraries at NERSC. Read More »

Debugging and Profiling

These pages describe performance analysis tools such as CrayPat and IPM; debugging tools such as DDT, Totalview, and the Valgrind tool suite. Read More »

Data, Visualization, and Analytics

Visualization and analytics software installed at NERSC. Read More »

Grid Software and Services

| Tags: Grid

Includes infrastructure for remote job management, file transfer, and distributed computing workflows through the Globus Toolkit, as well as web-based Science Gateways. Read More »

Workflow Software

Software for managing scientific workflows. Read More »