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Data & File Systems

We recognize the importance of being able to manage your files and data.  Scientific datasets are growing very rapidly and there is an increasing need for large scale data storage and high performance data transfers.  As science becomes more distributed organizing and sharing data becomes very important.

This section covers several topics on how to successfully manage your data at NERSC.

NERSC Data Management Policies

This page provides some of the information that Principal Investigaors can use when writing the Data Management section of their resesrch proposals. NERSC provides its users with the means to store, manage and share their research data products. We provide a variety of storage resources optimized for different phases of the data lifecycle, tools to enable users to manage, protect and control their data; high-speed networks for intra-site and inter-site (ESnet) data transfer; gateways and portals for publishing data for broad consumption; and consulting services to help users craft efficient data management processes for their projects. Read More »

NERSC File Systems

This page compares the various file systems at NERSC in terms of availability per machine, purging, quota limits, and other key characteristics. Read More »

HPSS Data Archive

HPSS, the High Performance Storage System, is the NERSC system you should use to back up your files to prevent data loss from accidental deletion and file purging. Read More »

Optimizing I/O performance on the Lustre file system

The Lustre file system is mounted locally on Hopper. This page describes how get the best performance out of the Lustre file system. Read More »

I/O Formats

I/O continues to be one of the main bottlenecks for scientific applications. This page describes the HDF5 and NetCDF software. Read More »

Science Database Services

NERSC supports the provisioning of databases to hold large scientific datasets. Currently we support MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and SciDB (Experimental) Read More »

Sharing Data

Information on how to share data across NERSC systems, with other users within NERSC, or between NERSC and systems elsewhere. Read More »

Transferring Data

Data can be transfered to and from NERSC using Globus Online, gridftp, scp, sftp, bbcp, and HPSS tools. NERSC also provides an easy was for research teams to share data through via the web from their project directories. Read More »

Unix File Groups at NERSC

Information on how NERSC uses Unix file groups. Read More »

Unix File Permissions

Overview of Unix file permissions Read More »