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Description and Overview

H5Part has been superseded by H5hut.

H5Part is a simplified 'veneer' API that sits on top of HDF5 and supports several commonly used data models. The main components are:

  • H5Part for regular 1D arrays (e.g. particle data)
  • H5Block for irregular 1D, 2D and 3D grids (e.g. field data)
  • H5MultiBlock for regular 3D grids, especially with halo data (experimental: 1.5 only)


PackagePlatformCategoryVersionModuleInstall DateDate Made Default
h5part cori applications/ physics 1.6.6 h5part-parallel/1.6.6 2016-06-30 2016-06-30
h5part cori applications/ physics 1.6.6 h5part/1.6.6 2016-06-30 2016-06-30

How to Use H5Part

% module load h5part
% cc ... $H5PART
% ftn ... $H5PARTF

To convert H5Part files to ASCII output (e.g. for use in gnuplot), use the h5pToGNUplot utility.

Further Information

For more information about the library, please see the website at the LBL Visualization Group, who maintains the library.

In particular, there are tutorials for using the C/C++ bindings and Fortran bindings.

Reference manuals for the C/C++ and Fortran bindings are also available.