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Description and Overview

MySQL is a very popular open-source relational database. It is widely used and NERSC provides a set of database nodes for users that wish to set up a MySQL database.

Requesting a MySQL Database

Users can request a MySQL database for their project using this form.

How to Use MySQL 

The mysql command line client is available at NERSC on Edison and Cori, and can be used to directly connect to a MySQL database via the command line. 

On a NERSC system, type the following commands to use the mysql command line client:

% mysql yourdb -u dbuser -h -p

Replace yourdb and dbuser with the name of the database and user provided to you by NERSC request via the form above.


Extensive on-line documentation is available. For questions about MySQL at NERSC please contact


mysql is available on login to Edison and Cori, you do not need to load a module.

There is also a python mysql module.